Search Engine Optimization is crucial

Great content is written every day. You describe how to best do a thing, or that your product and or service can better help them do that thing. But as well as writing for your reader/customer, you have to also write for the robots. ;) That’s right, I said “Robots”. No, not the androids that will be taking over the world, just the ones that run the internet.

Google, Bing, Yahoo! and many others are basically RUNNING the internet lately, if you have noticed; mostly Google. They send out their spiders/robots, whatever, and index every page of every single website out there. That’s about 10 billion sites and counting.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to find out how to get in front of the masses with your business? We can help with that. Content writers are educated about how to properly place researched keywords that people actually search for, into the web page’s content. This process is called optimizing your content for search engines or for short, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

After the content is written and keywords have been implemented then begins the “magic” of “Off Page SEO”. The SEO pros take your url and those researched keywords and place them strategically across the net each month. The more quality “submissions”, the more your site gets noticed by the spiders that crawl the net. This, in turn, raises your ranking on Google, (and the other search engines, but we know who’s boss). We start with your local area. We set you up with a local Google map listing and then hit all the local sites like yelp, etc. This is solid because puts your site right in front of your customers, on sites they use daily.

We’ve said it a thousand times; “If you have a website, you need marketing”. These days marketing means many things. SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click advertising, Social Media, Reputation Management, and more. We can build any combination you would like to use your budget. If you’re going to look for ranking on a search engine you have to aim at the top. Otherwise don’t bother. It’s our job to get your site to the top and keep it there.


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